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Year of the Dragon – Taiwan Collection


This limited collection features Lunar New Year collaboration with Kasama Chocolate and timeless Taiwan-inspired cookie varieties is designed to celebrate Year of the Tiger!


Dalandan Milk Chocolate with Buzzed Ginger Longan Biscuit


In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, we collaborated with Kasama Chocolate to bring you this special chocolate bar made with a biscuit inspired by a childhood hot ginger drink with smoked longan drink made by Olivia’s mom – Mama Wu in Taiwan.


Longan (龍眼), also known as “Dragon’s Eye”, is a tropical fruit found throughout Asia and is prized for its sweet flesh and floral aroma, similar to that of lychee. When de-shelled, the fruit resembles the eye of a dragon. The longan used in the biscuit were sourced directly from Dongshan (東山) district in Tainan, Taiwan where they are kiln roasted and smoked for several days. Soaked in Shaoxing wine, longan is combined with ginger and freshly cracked black peppercorn.


Bits of Buzzed Ginger Longan biscuit are sprinkled into a 55% dark milk chocolate made with cacao from Davao de Oro and infused with Philippine dalandan resulting in a creamy chocolate bar with a crunchy, layered texture and notes of citrus, ginger, smoke and pepper.


Ingredients: Cacao, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic cacao butter, milk powder, Dalandan oil, earth kiln dried smoked longan, Shaoxing wine, unbleached flour, ground ginger, ground all spice, ground black pepper, butter, molasses, sugar, egg, baking soda, kosher salt


Hakka Pounded Tea (Lei-Cha) Cookies x 3

Inspired by Olivia’s father’s roots – Hakka people in Hakka regions in Taiwan, and Olivia’s childhood memories of playing in her uncle’s farm field under the warm sunshine.  Roasted tea leaves, toasted sesame seeds, red skin peanuts, pumpkin seeds, nutty toasted rice, and organic virgin coconut oil are pounded together, then folded into these refreshing cookies.


Ingredients: Genmaicha, matcha, toasted rice, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, virgin coconut oil, unbleached flour, eggs, sugar, kosher salt, no aluminum baking powder

Contains: wheat, peanuts, eggs


Buzzed Ginger Longan Cookies x 3

Inspired by childhood memory of Mama Wu’s steaming hot ginger drink with dried longan to chase the chill away during rainy days. Earth kiln dried smoked longan fruit from Dongshan, Taiwan soaked in Shaoxing wine adds a slightly smoky fruity element. These addictively chewy ginger cookies (with a kick!) pay homage to our roots in Taiwan.


Ingredients: Earth kiln dried smoked organic longan fruit from Taiwan, Shaoxing wine, all purpose flour, ground ginger, ground all spice, ground black pepper, butter, molasses, sugar, egg, baking soda, kosher salt

Contains: milk, eggs


Produced in a facility that also processes foods containing wheat and nuts

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