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Welcome to Noisette by Olivia. Email: [email protected] | Call: 778-807-3796

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Our Story

Our Mission – To share with the local community quality hand crafted small batch baking, by sourcing the best ingredients from local farmers and food producers, then delivering it directly to our patrons.

Founder Olivia Wu started her journey with attending culinary school in 2005, followed by work experiences at iconic establishments in Vancouver such as Diva at the Met, and Ganache Patisserie.  In 2010, Olivia decided to pursue her culinary dreams by serving as an entrepreneur and independent baker.  Starting introducing to patrons of various community events; including Richmond Farmer’s Market, Baker’s Market, Granville Island Farmer’s Market, Make It Vancouver, and local trade shows.  She bakes these cookies (and seasonal treats) the way she bakes for her family.

Our business has grown a bit since then, but the humble beginnings and the help from others still continue to shape our business.  Today, Noisette by Olivia is established and has now come to be a major part of unique coffee shops in Vancouver, BC.

A shy person in nature, her biggest motivation is to see that gleam of the eye immediately after the person has taken a bite into one of her creations!


Support Local

We love supporting local farmers and food producers!  Local food is fresher, tastes better, and is less of a burden to the environment.  Supporting local farmers and food producers also helps keep money invested in the local community.

Farmer and food producers we support:

Kasama Chocolate

Forstbauer Natural Food Farm

One Love Farm

Hives for Humanity



Communities are the backbone of our society, and we feel strongly about giving back to the community that supports us.

We believe giving back to:

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Hives for Humanity



All of our packaging are compostable or recyclable.  Beside paper bags, cardboard boxes, and metal tins, now all cookies are in plant based compostable packaging.

Responsibly sourced packaging – Cellulose bags have Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification and The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) certification.

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