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Assortment Box


Can’t decide what to try? Sending a surprise to someone special? Or simply “I am thinking about you”? Let us put together a seasonal treat box for you!

Included in this collection:


Hakka Pounded Tea (Lei-cha) Cookies x2

Inspired by Olivia’s father’s roots – Hakka people in Hakka regions in Taiwan, and Olivia’s childhood memories of playing in her uncle’s farm field under the warm sunshine.  Roasted tea leaves, toasted sesame seeds, red skin peanuts, pumpkin seeds, nutty toasted rice, and organic virgin coconut oil are pounded together, then folded into these refreshing cookies.


Ingredients: Genmaicha, matcha, toasted rice, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, virgin coconut oil, unbleached flour, eggs, sugar, kosher salt, no aluminum baking powder


Contains: wheat, peanuts, eggs


Raspberry Shortbread with Crystallized Local Garden Rose Petals x2

Lots of raspberry made into the buttery shortbread.  They get a drizzle of raspberry white chocolate and garnished with house-made crystallized organic local garden rose petals.  The combination of slightly tangy raspberry and raspberry white chocolate with notes of rose petals will surprise your senses!


Ingredients: raspberry, raspberry white chocolate, organic culinary grade rose petals, all purpose flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt


Contains: wheat, dairy


Salted Caramel Sablé x2

The cookie that started it all!  Hand cracked golden caramel pieces are embedded in buttery sablé before baking.  They get a sprinkle of kosher salt as soon as they come out from the oven.  Sweet.  Salty. Chewy.  It sure is heaven in your mouth!



All purpose flour, butter, sugar, kosher salt, no aluminum baking powder


Contains: wheat, milk, eggs


Hives for Humanity Honey Yuzu Shortbread x4

Collected from the wilds of boundary bay and Westham Island, Delta honey from Hives for Humanity has light floral notes of wildflowers and blackberry. Paired with yuzu zest, this buttery and light shortbread is like gentle and warm hugs from the sunshine!


Ingredients: Hives for Humanity Delta honey, yuzu zest, unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt


Contains: wheat, milk


Kakar Island 70% Chocolate Sablé x4


An intense decadent chocolate delight with layered notes of blackberry, plum, and molasses. Finished with a gentle shake of Maldon sea salt to leave your taste buds intrigued. Made with 70% Kakar Island, Papua New Guinea award-winning chocolate by our friends at Kasama Chocolate.


Ingredients: Kasama 70% Kakar Island Chocolate (cacao beans, unrefined cane sugar, cacao butter), European cacao, organic unbleached flour, butter, brown sugar, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt, baking soda


Contains: wheat, milk

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