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Summer Berry Shortbread & Tea Set



When we were kids, on weekends our parents would take us to visit grandparents in the country side. Dad would drink tea with grandpa and uncles; discuss fruit growing process or life in general. The smell of the tea (often high mountain Oolong) was fragrant and refreshing, and it is the inspiration of this limited edition box!


Teakan is a boutique tea company specializing in curating single-origin loose leaf teas for tea lovers. We were honored to meet Claudia and Jan in 2021 when Claudia graciously offered tea tasting. What an experience it was! For this limited edition set, we have selected two specialty loose-leaf teas from Teakan to accompany the shortbread – a Honey Oolong and a Dian Hong black tea. You will find that both teas are floral and naturally sweet, perfect for tea time with mom or someone special.


Included in the set:

-Dian Hong 滇紅

-Honey Oolong 蜜香烏龍

-Blueberry Lavender Shortbread

-Strawberry Shortbread with Grains of Paradise

-Raspberry Shortbread with Crystallized Garden Rose Petals


Dian Hong 滇紅

Origin: Feng Qing, Yunnan, China

Tea type: Black tea

Harvested: Autumn 2020


This Dian Hong, with its beautiful golden leaves, is processed by hand as you can clearly see the 1 bud and 1-2 leaf structures remained mostly intact. The dry leaves give off an inviting sweet aroma while the tea liquor is a delightful golden amber colour. It has very little astringency which makes it a fantastic black tea to enjoy on its own.


Honey Oolong

Origin: Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan

Tea type: Oolong tea

Harvest: Spring 2021


Bug bites can be nice, as in the case of this Honey Oolong. This oolong tea is produced with bug-bitten tea leaves, which gives it a nectar-like flavour. The tea hopper bites triggered the release of certain compounds in the tea leaves, which were meant to attract spiders that prey on the little bugs. This compound is what made up the wonderful honey note.


Blueberry Lavender Shortbread (six bite-sized cookies)

Beautiful super blue lavender buds from our friends at Lavender Land in Richmond, and juicy BC blueberries in these floral yet refreshing shortbread. Do you feel summer breeze kissing your cheeks?


Ingredients: BC blueberry, super blue lavender buds, black currant white chocolate, lemon zest, organic unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt


Strawberry Shortbread with Grains of Paradise (six bite-sized cookies)

Choc full of local strawberries made into these whimsical pink strawberry shortbread. Flecks of toasted Grains of Paradise dance at the background with slightest notes of freshly grounded pepper, nutmeg, and citrus. Rounds of raspberry white chocolate drizzle and house-made dehydrated strawberry slices dance on top of the strawberry shortbread.


Ingredients: Strawberry, raspberry white chocolate, grains of paradise, organic unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt


Raspberry Shortbread with Crystallized Local Garden Rose Petals (six bite-sized cookies)

Lots of raspberry made into the buttery shortbread.  They get a drizzle of raspberry white chocolate and garnished with house-made crystallized organic local garden rose petals.  The combination of slightly tangy raspberry and raspberry white chocolate with notes of rose petals will surprise your senses!


Ingredients:  Raspberry, white chocolate, Kasama Raspberry White Chocolate (cacao butter, unrefined cane sugar, raspberry), organic culinary grade rose petals, organic unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt.


Produced in a facility that also processes foods containing soy and tree nuts

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