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Spelt Honey Graham Cracker


Package of 20 bite-sized cookies


Inspired by beautiful Hives for Humanity False Creek neighbourhood honey and locally grown organic sprouted spelt, we bring to you Spelt Honey Graham Cracker.


With just a slight touch of cinnamon, these golden brown graham crackers are light and snappy. Nutty from the hearty organic sprouted spelt flour; sweet and floral from False Creek neighbourhood honey from our friends at Hives for Humanity. These graham crackers connect us to our local terroir.


Create your own version of S’mores, spread creamy cheese on top with a drizzle of your favorite jam, or simply enjoy with a cup of steaming tea or coffee!


Ingredients: Hives for Humanity False Creek neighbourhood honey, organic sprouted spelt flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, baking soda, kosher salt.
Contains: wheat, milk


Produced in a facility that also processes foods containing nuts

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