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Holiday Gift Box



Holiday Gift Box will be available starting first week of December


To celebrate local food producers in our community, we have put together a collection for you to share with family and friends. Filled with the loveliest treats we prepared for you, each morsel is a special chapter in an edible story.


A very special card illustrated by Vancouver-based artist Ann Liao, depicting a celebration of bountiful harvest and giving back to the community. It is included in the Holiday Cookie Box for you to express warm thoughts to the lucky recipients!


Featuring all-time favorites and new creations:


– Salted Caramel Sablé, a crowd favorite since day one, is perfect to dip into the morning coffee.

– Hives for Humanity Honey Yuzu Sablé with freshly grated yuzu zest and neighborhood honey (from our friends at Hives for Humanity ) will brighten up a relaxing brunch.

– Karkar Island 70% Chocolate Sablé  made with Karkar Island 70% chocolate from our friends at Kasama Chocolate. Perfect for afternoon pick-me-up!

Savoury Pecan Parmesan Thyme Shortbread to nibble on with pre-dinner drinks.

– Crackle Sizzle Pop, caramel popcorn and spiced nuts is a must for the late night movies.

– Chocolate Rocher Mix – we all need that emergency stash on hand, right?




Salted Caramel Sablé 

Hand cracked golden caramel pieces embedded in buttery sablé.  Finished with a sprinkle of kosher salt as soon as they come out of the oven.  Sweet, salty, chewy, and a long-standing crowd favorite!

Package of six bite-sized cookies


Ingredients: All purpose flour, butter, sugar, kosher salt, no aluminum baking powder.

Contains: wheat, milk, eggs


Hives for Humanity Honey Yuzu Sablé

Collected from Vancouver False Creek neighborhood, wildflower honey from non-profit organization Hives for Humanity has delicate notes of of thyme and lemon balm. Paired with freshly grated yuzu zest, this light and citrusy sablé is how we celebrate the diversity of plants, pollinators, and people in our neighborhood.

Package of six bite-sized cookies


Ingredients: Hives for Humanity False Creek honey, yuzu zest, unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt.

Contains: wheat, milk


Karkar Island 70% Chocolate Sablé

An intense decadent chocolate delight with layered nots of blackberry, plum, and molasses. Finished with a gentle shake of Maldon sea salt to leave your taste buds intrigued. Made with Karkar Island 70%, Papua New Guinea award-winning chocolate from our friends at Kasama Chocolate.

Package of six bite-sized cookies


Ingredients: Kasama 70% Karkar Island Chocolate (cacao beans, unrefined cane sugar, cacao butter), European cacao, unbleached flour, butter, brown sugar, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt, baking soda

Contains: wheat, milk


Pecan Parmesan Thyme Shortbread

With hints of herby-peppery-sweet notes from thyme, umami-rich Parmesan cheese, nutty toasted pecan, and freshly grated black pepper, this tender savoury shortbread is lovely with before dinner drinks. Having a cheese and wine night? They are a great companion on the cheese board.

Package of five cookies


Ingredients: Pecan, Parmesan cheese, thyme, black pepper, butter, all purpose flour, sugar, kosher salt.

Contains: wheat, milk


Crackle Sizzle Pop

Rich caramel popcorn and sizzling spiced nuts, made with an array of chili peppers from our friends at Stein Mountain Farm in Lytton, BC.  A sweet, salty, spicy, and crunchy snack.  Perfect for movie night while curling up by the fire.


Ingredients: Popping corn, pecan, cashew, Virginia peanuts, butter, sugar, chili sauce (habanero, red cayenne, golden cayenne, red chili pepper, vinegar, water, sugar, tomato paste, salt, garlic), cayenne pepper, egg white, kosher salt.

Contains: peanuts, egg


Chocolate Rocher Mix – Blackberry Rocher and Coffee Hazelnut Rocher

Are you ready for a treasure hunt? Whimsical, light yet crispy Blackberry Rocher will make you feel you just had the sweetest mid-summer dream in the berry fields. With coffee crumble and caramelized hazelnuts laced throughout smooth and nutty house-made gianduja, Coffee Hazelnut Rocher brings to mind chocolate-covered sunshine!


Ingredients: Blackberry white chocolate, freeze-dried raspberry, white chocolate, almond, hazelnut, 70% dark chocolate, coffee beans, butter, all purpose flour, puffed rice, kosher salt.

Contains: wheat, nuts

Package of three Blackberry Rocher and three Coffee Hazelnut Rocher


Produced in a facility that also processes foods containing soy and tree nuts

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