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Holiday Gift Box


Limited Edition


-Pick up on Saturday, December 18 or Sunday, December 19 at Croatian Cultural Centre (3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver) outside the entrance at GotCraft Holiday Market 12pm – 4pm

*Please give us a call at 778-807-3796 when you arrive, and we will bring your order to the market entrance

*At checkout page, please select “December 18” or “December 19” for pickup date, and “December 18 Holiday Gift Box – Croatian Cultural Centre” or “December 19 Holiday Gift Box – Croatian Cultural Centre” for pickup location*


-Pick up on Friday, December 24 at YVR Prep (A5 – 5279 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby) 11am – 2pm

*At checkout page, please select “December 24” for pickup date, and “December 24 Holiday Gift Box – YVR Prep” for pickup location*




Inspired by joyful moments shared with family and friends, and to highlight small local businesses in Vancouver, we have put together a collection for you to share and celebrate!  Featuring all-time favorites and new creations: salted caramel sablé to dip into the morning coffee, raspberry shortbread to accompany relaxing brunch, honey sablé for the afternoon pick-me-up, chocolate hazelnut cookies to curl up on the couch with a great book, caramel popcorn and spiced nuts for the late night movies, and chocolate rocher for the emergency stash we always have on hand.  Included in this collection:


Salted Caramel Sablé

Hand cracked golden caramel pieces embedded in buttery sablé.  Finished with a sprinkle of kosher salt as soon as they come out of the oven.  Sweet, salty, chewy, and a long-standing crowd favorite!


Ingredients: Organic unbleached flour, butter, sugar, kosher salt, no aluminum baking powder.


Hives for Humanity Honey Sablé

Collected from Vancouver local neighbourhood, wildflower honey from non-profit beekeeping organization Hives for Humanity has delicate floral notes of wildflowers and blackberry. Paired with freshly grated lemon, lime, mandarin orange, and grapefruit zest, this light and citrusy shortbread is how we celebrate the diversity of plants, pollinators, and people in each neighbourhood!


Ingredients: Hives for Humanity wildflower honey, lemon zest, lime zest, mandarin orange zest, grapefruit zest, organic unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt.


Raspberry Shortbread with Crystallized Local Garden Rose Petals

Lots of raspberry made into the buttery shortbread.  They get a drizzle of Kasama raspberry white chocolate and garnished with house-made crystallized organic local garden rose petals.  The combination of slightly tangy raspberry and raspberry white chocolate with notes of rose petals will surprise your senses!


Ingredients:  Raspberry, white chocolate, Kasama Raspberry White Chocolate (cacao butter, unrefined cane sugar, raspberry), organic culinary grade rose petals, organic unbleached flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, kosher salt.


Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie

Freshly roasted hazelnuts and European cacao are the stars, while only three other ingredients are added to complete this cookie.   With different textures of slightly crunchy shell and moist fudgy center.  They are highly addictive!  Oh, did we mention only five ingredients went into these cuties?


Ingredients: Hazelnut, European cacao, egg white, sugar, kosher salt.


Crackle + Sizzle Mix

Rich caramel popcorn and sizzling spiced nuts, made with an array of chili peppers from our friends at One Love Farm in Lillooet.  A sweet, salty, spicy, and crunchy snack.  Perfect for movie night while curling up by the fire.


Ingredients: popping corn, pecan, cashew, Virginia peanuts, butter, sugar, chili sauce (dragon toe, habanero, red cayenne, golden cayenne, red chili pepper, vinegar, water, sugar, tomato paste, salt, garlic), cayenne pepper, egg white, kosher salt.



Chocolate Rocher

Treasure hunt? Why not! Childhood memories of popping candy? Yes please! Crushed coffee crumble, summer berry sablé, and popping candy give a slight twist to this not-so-traditional chocolate rocher. Caramelized almond slices and smooth 70% dark chocolate hold every bite together.


Ingredients: 70% dark chocolate, unsweetened sulphate-free coconut, almond, cacao, freeze-dried raspberry, butter, organic unbleached flour, demerara sugar, coffee bean, popping candy, kosher salt.


Produced in a facility that also processes foods containing soy and tree nuts

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