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Welcome to Noisette by Olivia. Email: [email protected] | Call: 778-807-3796

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Canelé Box Drop


Looking for Canelés? You are at the right place!

Every month there will be a designated date for Canelé Box drop, and it will be announced on Instagram post and Facebook page.


What’s in the Canelé Box?

There are four freshly baked canelés, and a pack of featured cookies (seasonal or limited release) for you to enjoy.


When will it be available every month?

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Where do I pick up my Canelé Box?

Pick up will be at YVR Prep (A5 – 5279 Still Creek Avenue, Burnaby) 11am – 2pm.


Please look for A5 door facing the Still Creek Avenue. Sometimes Goggle Map will lead you to the back door in the parking lot. Please call us at 778-807-3796 when you arrive at the A5 door, and we will bring the order out.



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