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Buzzed Ginger (Seasonal)

Buzzed Ginger (Seasonal)



Package of three cookies


Made with Dageraad Amber pale ale and dried longan fruit soaked in Taiwan Shaoxing Wine, the “Buzzed Ginger” cookies are inspired by childhood memories in Taiwan. Walking home from school in the rain (forgetting to bring an umbrella) with school bag on top of my head, trying to block the rain. Mom would always make steaming hot ginger drink with dried smoked longan to chase the chill away.
The sweet caramelized toffee notes from Dageraad Amber balanced the spicy kick of ginger. Dried longan fruit soaked in Shaoxing Wine adds a slightly smoke fruit element to the cookies.


Ingredients: Dageraad Amber pale ale, longan fruit, Shaoxing wine, butter, molasses, sugar, flour, egg, ginger, all spice, black pepper, baking soda, kosher salt.
Contains: wheat, egg


Produced in a kitchen where nuts present